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Niall Downing

Niall began directing TV shows, he co-created Grand Designs (Bafta nominated) and directed The Naked Chef (also Bafta nominated) before starting work as a commercial film director. Niall loves strong visual storytelling and ever since the early days of working with Jamie Oliver food is often at the heart of those stories. Still working in both the commercial and TV worlds Niall loves to collaborate, writing as well as directing, always aiming get the very best out of a project. Bright, bold, fun, real, exciting food. He has directed high profile campaigns for Sainsbury’s, Asda, Aldi, Knorr, Birds Eye and Hovis amongst others. Niall is currently in pre-production for Jamie Oliver’s next major Channel 4 food series ‘TOGETHER’ celebrating the joys of cooking for friends and appreciating a part of life that we’ve all been missing so much lately.

Niall is the founder of BITE. His ambition is to search out likeminded talent who have a beautiful and original approach to food. The collective is the strength of BITE. Collaboration benefits our way of working, making a highly creative working atmosphere that brings the most to, and gets the best out of any project.