A collective of food lovers and film makers creating commercial films, online content and broadcast TV

We’re a collective of image makers inspired by our love of food and the myriad stories around it

Over the last twenty years, we have worked with many famous brands and leading agencies. We include evolving new talent, as well as the ingenuity that comes of experience, and all with our own unique take on food & drink.

Founded by Film Directors Niall Downing, Gus Filgate & Charlie Stebbings, Executive Producers, Alex Katz and Dominic Seymour, and recently joined by Francine Linsey, former Chief Production Officer of AMV BBDO.

We have vastly experienced film/TV directors celebrated in both commercial and broadcast film. They are joined by a careful selection, amongst whom you can find an award winning Instagram photographer/blogger, a professional chef/instagrammer and animators who not only cook the food they animate but grow it too!

We have carved out our careers around food and are highly motivated when it comes to creating original work. To us food isn’t just about looks but how it’s grown, how it’s prepared, how it tastes and how it’s enjoyed. Its provenance, like our sustainability as a company, matters. Our vision and approach to all areas of business and artistic endeavour are mindful of gender equality, whilst embracing those other key ingredients, inclusiveness and diversity.

From table-top shoots in our own studios to narrative films, the Bite Collective presents a refreshing perspective and perfect skillset, able to adapt to each project with integrity.

So, we can offer a truly bespoke service helping to develop concepts through to their delivery.

We love food
We love drink
We love to create images to enjoy and share
We would love to do that for you.

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