A collective of food lovers and film makers creating commercial films, online content and broadcast TV

BITE is a specialist creative production company. A unique collective that is home to the best and brightest talent in the world of food and drink

Our diverse roster consists of celebrated directors, who shoot commercials – tabletop, lifestyle, documentary, special effects and stills. We have vastly experienced TV directors who have created classic, broadcast food shows. We also have great relationships with many freelance food & drink directors that we collaborate with on projects worldwide. We have a fast-growing social media arm with passionate content makers, foodie influencers and chefs with millions of followers between them.

From table-top shoots in our own studios to narrative commercials and films, BITE Collective presents a refreshing perspective and perfect skillset, able to complement and add to each project with in-depth knowledge and integrity. We know every client is different, and therefore every job is different. We take great pride approaching each project with passion and experience, to supply the best, most creative process for our clients.

It is a truly exciting time in the world of food and drink with so many great stories waiting to be told. At BITE, it isn’t just about looks but how ingredients are grown, how they’re prepared, how they taste and how they’re enjoyed. Provenance, like our sustainability as a company, matters. Our vision and approach to all areas of business and artistic endeavour are mindful of gender equality, inclusivity and diversity.

We love food
We love drink
We love to create images to enjoy and share
We would love to do that for you.

Our clients include

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