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Ongoing planning from Bite Collective to recognise and reduce the impact our productions have on the environment.

Our Step by Step Plan

Our mission at Bite Collective is to make great food content and make sure it is executed in as environmentally sustainable fashion as possible in the coming year, in the way we work both from home and the office to the way we shoot on loca1on and in our studios.

We have devised the following seven step plan to ensure we achieve this.


Energy & Green Products

We have put in place plans to use green and renewable energy and products where at all possible. We will be reviewing all our suppliers at our offices to ensure our providers are as sustainable as possible; from energy supply to green cleaning products and bin bags to coffee capsules, recycling all local office waste through the Islington local council recycle scheme and using our approved partners on shoots.


Zero Plastics!

This includes no straws, cups and correx on location floors for starters. This also means using biodegradable/ re-usable materials wherever possible, including bin bags, shoe covers, PPE & masks and even coffee pods and tea bags. Any other waste will be kept to a minimum though recycling and recommended waste disposal suppliers.


Paperless Productions

Throughout pre-production, we will limit printing. We will encourage everyone to use their smart phones and tablets on set to reduce the need for unnecessary printing. Agencies will be supplied with all the relevant PPM materials electronically and all shoot documents via email before the first day of shooting.


Green Travel

Travel is one of the biggest causes of carbon emissions, so that is why we priori8se using carbon-neutral taxis and electronic vehicles. Any unavoidable carbon emissions from flights, petrol vehicles and public transport will be offset at the end of each production. This will be extended to the carbon footprint of both the staff and the office by 2022- Think EV & Bike!


Team Work

We prioritise working with environmentally conscious suppliers on everything we do, from equipment to catering and we will encourage others to do so as well.


Constantly Training & Learning

Ensuring staff are aware of how they can contribute both individually and as a team to reaching as close to our net zero goal by end of the decade.


Taking Account and Calculating

We are starting to monitor our carbon footprint on every production going forward to try and accurately reconcile our carbon footprint to help us achieve the net zero goals we have set ourselves. Hopefully this is something we will be able to take note of and begin to record and build up a database of what use, how we use it and how we are able to reduce and offset any waste. This we will be able to share with research bodies and our clients.


Balancing the books – calculating performance of the business across the year, and offseting any outstanding areas of concern. Our primary concern is to stop /cancel any emissions at source rather than have to offset, but where we need to, we will offset them with our Trees for Life partners to minimise the impact on the environment by planting trees proportional to our waste on each production. We will make a small allowance in each budget for this and let all our clients know how many trees they have sponsored through their productions every year.

We will be constantly evolving: we commit to continually evaluate our impact on the environment and will update this policy to make sure we stay up to date.