A collective of food lovers and film makers creating commercial films, online content and broadcast TV

JVEB Studios

French duo Hana and Cedric had an amateur love of food and photography. This reached a turning point in 2010 when, whilst living in London, they launched their food blog. It was a way of experimenting and sharing with their friends back in France. Besides the regular posts and articles, they focussed increasingly into stop-motion animation as it was a fun and creative way to show the steps of a recipe with an added magical twist. Instagram provided a great platform for their work and they grew a large following of people who loved their warm and innovative style. In 2013, Hana and Cédric founded JVEB STUDIO, a stop-motion content creator for food and lifestyle brands. Clients include Nestlé, Nikon, Sephora, Farrow & Ball, Carrefour, L’Occitane and Yves Rocher.

‘Our relationship with food is a sensory one: we are amazed by the endless palette of textures and colours that one can create with nature’s produce. And, since we moved our studio to the countryside, we are now even closer to the source. We try and promote the virtues of organic, locally grown ingredients and we are pleased to see that it’s a growing focus amongst our clients as well.’